A few F355 replicas

Is that an Eclipse? No, it's V8 Archie's Finale

A bit of a side view of the Finale, along with Archie's F40 replica. The guy with the bag must be thinking about buying the unfinished Lambo rebody for low price of $18,000.

What happens to Ferraris when they are bad?

Here's another Countach rebody, but this one is a bit more finished and has a 3800SC.

A very nice Diablo rebody.

Another view. This one says drive me. :)

No, that's not a's the (in)famous Zimmer Quicksilver. Probably the only Fiero rebody where the car was stretched in front, instead of the rear...

...which makes the front "trunk" a bit larger...

...but not this one.