Is there parking for trailers?

The Speedway has a guarded area for trailers outside the track but within the perimeter fence.

Is there an addtional cost for extra vichicles?

There is a $25 dollar charge fo each extra show vehicle
and a $10 dollar competition fee for those who would like to win a trophy

What would the $25 dollars include?

It get the Fiero and two riders in and out of the Speedway for three days. plus a commemorative photo of your car on the track.
Are there Commemorative Shirts and Dash Plaques for sale for folks not registered?

There are a limited number of extra shirts and dash plaques that will be available at registraton and at the track but if you are not registering for the show and want one; please send in the form annotating the quantity and check for the amount and we have them set aside or you could include postage and we will mail them to you if you are not coming to the show.