1. The class your Fiero will compete in will be determined by the Chief Judge or the Show Director after receipt of your completed Daytona 2006 Fiero Show Car Registration Questionnaire.

2. Late arrivals may register their Fiero while judging is ongoing, however, they will not be allowed to clean any part of their Fiero after they have registered.

3. If an owner has missed the judging time for his class, he can still have the car judged by lining up at the rear of the current class being judged.

4. If the owner chooses to leave dash mats, bras, seat covers, etc., on the car, the judges will deduct the maximum points for the seat, fascia, dash, etc. If these items are in place when the car is presented in the judging area, the judges will ask the owner if he/she wishes to remove the items before judging begins.

5. Cars equipped with T-Tops, sunroofs, or convertible tops have the option of having the car judged with the tops on or off, open or closed, or up or down respectively. In either case, all visible areas will be judged.

6. Any safety hazards observed by the judges will result in a maximum deduction for the item (e.g., bald tires, broken headlight or taillight, etc.

7. All entries must be driven under their own power to and from the judging area.

8. Cleaning of cars may continue until the car enters the judging area. However, judges will not deduct for parking lot dust or debris in the tire treads or dirt on the tires resulting from the drive to the judging area.

9. Owners will drive to the judging area when their class is called.

10. The Chief Judges decisions are final.

11. It is the Fiero owner's responsibility to stage their car for judging when called for any reason you cannot make the class call, rule applies.

12. Judges may open the doors, hood, deck lid, ash tray lids, and fuel door as necessary to judge your Fiero if, for any reason, the owner is not present during judging. Judges may also ask the owners to open the same as required during judging.

13. Judges will be allowed to get on their hands and knees to judge a car.

14. Judges will be allowed to use mirrors to view the underside of the front and rear fascia to judge the fascia and chin spoiler, the exhaust system (including the exhaust tip area of the fascia, visible suspension parts or coolant pipes, fenderwell areas, and the underside of the rocker panels.

15. All cars entered in the show must stay in place until judging is complete and an announcement has been made that it is OK to leave the area. Cars are susceptible to be called back for rejudging.

16. No judge may judge ANY car in a class in which he/she has a car entered. The chief judge or a previously appointed alternate judge will substitute for that class.

17. The Chief Judge will judge to break ties.

18. Best of Show will be awarded to the car with the lowest total points. The Chief Judge will re-judge to break ties.

19. Judges will not deduct points for velcro on the dash that is used for holding down a dash mat or electronic devices.

20. The spare tire must be installed in the front compartment in the Stock Class or maximum points will be removed for that area. For all other classes, the spare tire is not required. If the spare tire is absent judges will judge the opening, and/or cover for condition and cleanliness.

21. Judges may look under floor mats, dash mats, etc. and are allowed to move seats or open ashtrays, etc, to judge areas.

22. The judges scoring sheets will be available to entrants upon request immediately after all awards have been presented. Judging sheets will be provided ONLY to the registered entrant or their spouse.

23. Judges vehicles will be judged first.

24. All vehicles involved in a tie will be recalled for judging before judging closes. They will be allowed 15 minutes for final preparation after the call goes out. No-shows for re-judging will automatically lose. For example if 3 cars are tied in a class and 1 car fails to show for the re-judging, that car will automatically be third of those three cars.

25. Owners of cars that qualify for a class in addition than "Daily Driver" will be given the option of moving up the more competitive class. They will not be automatically placed in the higher class.


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