This year everyone will be allowed to pick their own parking spot within the Fiero show car area. Cars will not be parked in classes. Fiero clubs and/or friends may park as a group. However, we will have a special parking area in the front for previous Best of Show, Best of Class, or Class winners. Owners who do not wish to have their car compete will do so by simply not taking their car to the judging area during the day.

Here are some of the many procedural changes this year for the car show. Show officials will determine the appropriate show class for your Fiero, based on your completed questionnaire. All cars will be driven to a judging area (hopefully, a tent) this year for judging. Judges will be allowed to touch the vehicle to open and close doors or ashtrays as necessary and will use mirrors to inspect the underside and hidden areas of each Fiero. Judges will also be allowed to get on their hands and knees to judge a car if they desire. Each car will be judged in exactly the same manner. You will be allowed to clean your car until you drive it into the judging area. However, the judges will not take off points for parking lot dust. If you leave a seat cover, bra, or similar protective item on your Fiero, the judges will ask you if you want to remove it before the car is judged. If not removed, judges will assume that the covered item is in poor condition and subtract maximum points for the item in question.


If you have any questions regarding the above please contact the Chief Judge - Tom Corey or Frank Martin

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