Clutch Pedal

General Information

1984-1986   (1st design) PEDAL, engine clutch
                  10036570       $25.25     (aluminium)
1986        (2nd design) PEDAL, engine clutch
                  14105682       $23.90     (steel)

Info - 84-86 models

In Mar '92 of Kit Car Magazine there was an article about how 84-86.5 Fieros had aluminum clutch pedals that were suseptable to flexing. This would apparently cause you to think the clutch was gone - in fact it was the pedal not "throwing" far enough. It mentions that this was a recall item and even states the part number you can purchase to do it yourself. It was quoted as being the "$18 clutch solution". It talked about checking the pedal first to see if it was alumninum (via a magnet) or the replacement steel one. If it was indeed alumninum it said to go ahaed and switch them.

From: Daryl Erwin

This was not a recall. It was a "design change", which means you will have to buy the parts yourself.

From: Scott Backer

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