Coolant Fan

General Information

Info - all V6 models, 84-86 L4 models

The coolant fan is solely controlled by the coolant temp switch on the engine and the A/C controls. As long as the coolant is above 230 deg or the A/C is on, the fan runs regardless of the car standing still or at speed.

On some of the 4 cyl A/C cars, there's a two speed fan [RPO VO8]; it has two switches in one shell to activate the fan. These cars are identified by a large white ceramic resistor on the fan frame rail.

From: Tin Man

Removal and Installation

Removal - all models

  1. Disconnect the electrical connector from the bottom of the fan motor. There is a clip underneath the connector which holds it in. (Some early models have screw terminals rather than a clip-on connector.)
  2. There is a clip on the coolant fan assembly which holds the wire in place. Use a screwdriver to pry it apart.
  3. Remove the four 10mm bolts (two on top, two on bottom) that hold the coolant fan in place.
  4. Remove the fan.

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