Wheel Locks

Removal without Key

"I just bought a Fiero with wheel locks (RPO PB4), but I didn't get the key. How can I get them off?"

I replaced the wheel lock key on my '88 GT in March. I sent a check for $7.50 and the key code number (from the trunk lid) to:

(A Division of AMCOR Industries, Inc.)
2141 E 51ST ST

(213) 585-2852

From: Scott L

"What if I can't find the code?"

Wheel locks aren't that hard to remove without the keys... Since replacement keys are hard or impossible to get, most people tend to go easy on the key when tightening the locks... As a result, wheel locks are rarely torqued anywhere near what the regular lugnuts are...

If you cannot get a replacement key, you can remove the wheel locks in the following way...

You need a impact wrench, (air or electric powered), a impact socket, a socket extension, and a hammer...

Be sure to only use an impact rated socket for this... Regular sockets will most likely crack when used this way... Impact sockets are much harder than the steel used in wheel locks, and will bite into the wheel lock steel...Your socket needs to be as close to the outside diameter of the wheel lock as possible, without being big enough to slip over the entire wheel lock... Most wheel locks are somewhat cone shaped, and a socket that fits over outside edge of wheel lock can be driven into the softer metal of the lock... Once you have the socket biting into the steel an impact wrench will readily remove the lock...

Be forwarned this operation pretty much ruins the wheel locks... Not a problem when you don't have the key, but don't complain when you find the key a week from now... ;)

From: Butch Sims

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