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  • ACE
  • AIM Concepts
  • Fiero Parts and Appraisals
  • Fiero Performance
  • The Fiero Store
  • FOCOA's Fiero Store
  • Sabex Fiero - The Fiero Shop
  • Southern Custom - The Fiero Factory
  • IRM
  • Webb's Creative Laminations
  • Gary Zumalt
  • Pete Zurich's Vendor List
  • Fiero Services/Shops

  • ACE
  • AIM Concepts
  • Sabex Fiero - The Fiero Shop
  • Southern Custom - The Fiero Factory
  • Pete Zurich's Vendor List

  • Fiero Parts and Appraisals

    Phone: (207) 284-88GT

    Fiero Performance

    Phone: 610-740-0550

    The Fiero Store

    The Fiero Store
    219 Buff Cap Rd
    Tolland, CT 06084

    Hours: 8:30-4:30 (EST) Mon-Fri
    Tech/Questions/Order info: 1-203-870-7167
    Orders: 1-800-FIERO-GT
    Fax: 1-203-872-8941

    They sell all kinds of original parts, aftermarket parts, used parts, and accessories for Fieros. Ask for a catalog. Good prices, good service, quick shipping.

    There is a company called The Fiero Store, and FOCOA has their own --separate-- "Fiero Store":

    FOCOA's Fiero Store

    Fiero Owners Club Of America
    2165 S. Dupont drive
    Anaheim CA
    Phone: 714-978-3132
    membership $29/year

    International Research Motorsports (IRM)

    International Research Motorsports, Inc.
    18100 Cashell Rd.
    Rockville, MD 20853

    Order Desk: 800-367-8423
    Technical Product & Shipping Information: 301-948-3301

    Webb's Creative Laminations

    Phone: 407-636-8599

    John Webb of Webb's Creative Laminations is making replacement headliner board out of fiberglass for $50.00.

    AIM Concepts

    Phone: 317-786-9418

    Located in Indianapolis, IL. AIM Concepts rebuilds headlight motors and sells replacement rear wings and GT quarter windows (now with correct 2-color lettering).

    Gary Zumalt

    Phone: 816-966-0595

    Gary Zumalt sells V8 conversion kits, starting around $1800.

    Southern Custom The Fiero Factory

    Phone: 205-533-9976
    You can try the "Fiero Factory" in Huntsville Al. They have around two hundred or so fieros but not many spoilers, because the Dealers buy them from junk yards and repair shops like the" Fiero Factory". The Fiero factory will usually have several around for their customers though, so I would give them a call. The last time I was there they had fieros from Texas, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, that they were repairing. The owners Ed and Rosy Parks are members of FOCOA and have a great reputation, both in great treatment of customers and their Fieros.

    From: Charlie D. White

    American Custom Engineering

    Phone: 970-259-4156

    American Custom Engineering (ACE) does engine conversions. You can call them for their catalog of parts and services. They're in Durango, Colorado.

    Sabex Fiero - The Fiero Shop

    The Fiero Shop
    1092 Barmac Drive
    Weston, Ontario
    CANADA M9L 2X3

    Phone: 416-747-5728 or 416-948-9685

    If you are in Toronto I would suggest that you go to see Zsolt Szabo at the Fiero Shop.

    They are very knowledgable re: Fieros and have a lot of experience.

    From: Peter Frise

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