Rear Wing (spoiler)

How to help prevent rear wing (spoiler) theft

Recently a girl who works in my office building had the factory wing on her 85 GT stolen off of her car while it was sitting in the parking lot - in broad daylight. The thiefs simply ripped the wing off of the trunk lid, leaving four ragged holes where the bolts went through.

That sort of shook me up - knowing the popularity of the wings and the expense or replacing one.

I took some 14 gauge sheet metal and with the aid of a hacksaw, grinder, file, drill and some black paint fabracated two reinforcement plates that go inside the deck lid. The four bolts for the wing go through the reinforcement plates. A thief may still be able to rip off the wing but they will not pull it off by tearing holes in the deck lid. I suspect that the top mounts, over the stands, aren't too strong either. I also have a very sensitive shock sensor on my alarm and TWO 135 db sirens (one in the front - under the hood, and another in the back under the right grill) that it would take a pure fool to hang around.

From: Randy T. Agee

Adding a wing

Stock Fiero Wing

>Paul Herder mentioned a while ago that the wing gaskets were different
>between the coupe and fastback (different hole spacing).
>Can I add a wing from a fastback to a coupe or vice versa?
If its a factory wing, you can screw the riser decklid studs into two different locations. I had to change the location on mine when I mounted a GT wing to a Formula and had no problems do this. I just unscrewed the stud (front I believe) and rescrewed it into the new spot. These wings (risers) are obviously designed to use either hole, but I would not want to take these things in and out more than a few times or overtighten them since the threads are cut into plastic. I dont think however that you will have any problem swapping them once or twice; since its plastic to metal, the studs in my case were easy to remove without damage.

From: Eric Gutknecht

Fiero Parts and Appraisals sells original wings for $350 plus $20 shipping.

AIM Concepts

If you guys are looking for wings, Chris Cook makes one that is one piece (including the stand off's). The mold came from an original Fiero wing.

I have not seen the wing but I am considering it for my car before I paint it this winter. I believe the price would be about $150 with shipping.

From: Lee Brown

The Fiero Store

I bought The Fiero Store's wing about two years ago when my original was stolen along with enough stereo equipment to total my car. I was disappointed, but it's better than nothing and there are NO Fiero parts in Ohio, at least not that I can find. First, it is a one peice design instead of a wing with two stands. Second, the holes don't match the factory holes. Was it to hard to measure an original or are they just idiots? Third, the fiberglass is a little wavy, to much to sand down. To make it perfect would take A LOT of filler and sanding. Fourth, I think that it is lower than the original. I'm not sure how much.

From: John Altman


IRM sells Fiero style spoilers. IRM also has OEM type mounts that will work with the large Fiero Spoiler or a smaller Firebird spoiler. I put a Firebird spolier on my son's 87 SC and it really looks good - and costs a whole lot less at $50 from a wrecking yard!

From: Randy T. Agee

JC Whitney

As a past owner of a JC Whitless wing, I would recommend ANYTHING else. The ends and the middle drooped down (like it was taken out of a mold, green and gravity pulled the center and ends down) and the metal inserts (to hold the wing to the car) were barely contained in the fiberglass. Someone came along in the night and grabbed this wing off of my car and the bolts and the metal inserts were left behind.

From: Paul Herder

Sabex Fiero

Zsolt Szabo, from Ontario has a wing for around $250. He said it is an exact replica.

From: Jason Wenglikowski


There is a guy here on the list that has reproductions that he sells for $250 plus shipping; his address is: This is the only way I know of to contact him. Another one is Custom Coachcraft in Ft. Worth that Paul Herder recommends whom also sells one for $250 plus shipping.

From: Lanny

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